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More Lessons

I've been learning something new lately. Permanent hardware in Surgical steel or whatever they used -- gets really cold, really fast. Even when implanted into one's body.
See, unfortunately, my leg-with-hardware is on the windward side of me when I'm walking INTO work - the colder of the two to-and-from trips - so it gets nailed with a LOT of cold wind. Which, I have found out, makes the plate and screws in my leg really cold. REALLY FAST. The first time it happened, it felt like someone had just stabbed me in the leg with an icicle. YOW.

I wonder if I can find a place that sells legwarmers. Man, those looked stupid when I wore them as a teenager. I'm pretty sure they'll look even stupider now, but I do not care. I bet it'll help...if I can find 'em in my size.

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An Analogy

I sit at my campfire.  Today, it burns low.  It's hard to keep it high enough to provide the warmth and light that it used to.  The warmth keeps the pain away. The light enables me to find more fuel for the fire.  Sometimes, I have enough wood to feed the fire well, and the fire burns so high that I'm nice and toasty warm - and there's light enough to forage quite a distance for wood.  Sometimes, the wood I find is excellent fuel, and it burns long, hot, and brightly.  It lasts a long time. Other times, I don't find much more than a little bit of bark - or all I find is wood that burns up immediately, and doesn't provide much in the way of heat and light. I never know which kind of wood it will be, because it all looks the same.  I have to put it on the fire to see if today will be a good day, with a warm bright fire, or if today will be a dim, cold, bad day with a small glowing coal where a fire should be.
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